BALC.Mr. Franklyn teaches Web Design class.BALC from Halsey StreetWeb DesignMr. Bollers Instructs the class on Smart Board.
The Brooklyn Adult Learning Center provides free basic education courses. Bring your ID to the front desk and sign up today. Click here for directions.
Learn new and improved technologies of today and better yourself for tomorrow. The BALC offers numerous computer labs, health labs, and library to help with your education needs.
We have a beautiful facility located in the heart of Brooklyn to serve your educational needs. Comfortable air conditioned rooms, wide steps, and large windows help make this landmark status building a relaxing home away from home.
Come join our family of educators, scholars and coordinators. We welcome diversity from all backgrounds.
Better your education at the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center. Our teachers are all certified and experienced to give you the best education for today's job market. Come in and apply today. Search for course below.
Summer classes start July 8th. Please come in and register at the front desk in order to take summer classes. You must bring a picture ID when you come in to register. Search for open courses below or click here to see a full listing of courses that are available.

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We offer many courses at the BALC. Search here for the courses you would like to take or go to our courses page by clicking here.